Anna Bélanger & Associates

Website redesign to reflect the values of the brand and create an easy-to-use medium for the brand's clients and audience.


The target audience was identified to be women, especially to-be mothers.

The process involved competitive research and regular client meetings and feedback. Wireframing and prototyping for the project followed an iterative process for improved brand and user experience. The process also included brand longevity and for a wholesome experience aiding in brand expansion.

Incorporating elements of the logo helped elevate the web experience. As the owner, Anna, is heavily invested in pregnancy and childbirth (She is a trained doula), highlighting that particular aspect of her life, also helped distinguish her brand from other massage therapy services in Ottawa.

Problem Statement

Redesigning the website to make it a representation of their brand, a symbol of fertility, warmth and relaxation.


The brief for the project was to develop a clean, user friendly website that conveys the brand's message. Warm, accessible environment for clients, was the main goal of the redesign. Bearing in mind their physical spaces in Ottawa, the vibe of the space, representing the same environment on the digital website was of utmost importance. Implementing colors seen in the interior design of the spaces as the accent colours, helped complete and enhance the brand experience.

Initial wireframes

Older website

Design & Development

The website design involved multiple stages of ideating and prototyping, based on client feedback and user needs/goals. Making the call-to-action, i.e, Book online accessible was vital as most of the clients preferred booking online and was one of the main reasons for website redesign. Also creating a clean, easy-to-find navigation to understand the different treatments available, benefits, locations was important to promote sales.

The client was already on the Shopify platform, and molding the theme to suit the client's needs was an incredible learning experience. It helped understand the Liquid templating language and provided an opportunity to learn the language. As Shopify themes were geared towards the product industry, modifying it to fit the services industry was a challenging but extremely rewarding opportunity.