An app designed for health & beauty consumers to purchase products
based on reviews by fellow users & influencers.


The target audience for this app would be beauty consumers, influencers both micro and macro.

Following initial research, the competitors were identified. Quick online surveys to understand the demographic, their opinions, was sent out and helped establish needs and concerns. It also helped validate certain facts that we stumbled upon during initial research.

The app design involved design for both Android and iOS users. Understanding and designing both Material Design Guidelines and Human Interface guideline, helped understand more in-depth about each OS. Understanding and observing the different gestures used in the OS helped manipulate the design to provide for a friction-free prototype and elevated user experience.

Problem Statement

Creating a community driven, crowd-sourced app for consumers, brands and influencers to receive feedback, write reviews and create content that helps the community.

Design Solution

An app designed to encourage users to become influencers. This helps in developing a entrepreneurial community and a platform for like-minded individuals to network.


As the brand allows for users to communicate and collaborate with fellow users, creating and generating content is made easy. It also encourages brand to use the plaform and increase their engagement with the users.

The app features product scanner to get instant review while shopping. It also provides price comparison and shop online. Consumers in need of reviews can contact influencers on the platform asking to review products and create tutorials for the same.

AR Flow

As the app helped the user with instant reviews, prices, price comparison, image recognition technology proved useful. When the user scans the barcode on the product, the reviews of the product, pulled from different sources can be accessed. Scanning the label would also produce similar results.

Trying and buying new products at the retail store can be a difficult experience, to test out new products we may/may not develop a reaction to. This app helps provide instantaneous reviews from other blogs and platforms. It also encourages the user to write reviews. In the absence of reviews, one can request a fellow influencer on the platform to review the product. This is a startegic way for influencers to understand their demographic and generate content for their consumers.


The app was designed to be playground for brands, influencers and users alike to experiment, get feedback and effectively collaborate. Enabling consumers to become micro and macro influencers, while providing a platform for brands to target their consumers with their products, receive feedback, it is also a place for consumers to interact with brands and create a community. Brands can also understand their user base and use the app for discounts and drop-shipping, cater to the user's needs.