Mary's Garden

Personalized, curated hub for CBD & Hemp products for
amateur and experienced consumers.


Cannabis users can be categorized into 2 categories: recreational and medicinal.According to Statistics Canada, 15% of Canadians above the age of 15 have used cannabis. The provinces with the highest rate of consumption are Nova Scotia (23%) and British Columbia (20%). One million Canadians report spending $250 on cannabis during the last 3 months.

To understand CBD better, understanding the difference between CBD-rich and CBD dominant strains/products is important. Our research involved primary & secondary research, competitive analysis, surveys by anonymous users and persona creation to understand the challenges faced by the consumers.

Problem Statement

It is evident that for consumers, finding the right products, by trial and error is time consuming & expensive and they found there was lack of information regarding CBD & hemp products

Creating a clean, simple and intuitive app for users to minimize & prevent food wastage and help consumers be conscious of smart food practices.

Design Solution

Establish a collaborative platform to connect brands and healthcare professionals with users to help them find the right products.

Creating a personalized, curated hub for CBD & Hemp products so the consumers can make a conscious choice.

Visual Identity

A fresh, professional visual identity for the app was essential for the app. The platform was for brands, consumers and medical professionals. To create an identity that enhances the app experience was crucial.

App Features

The major features of the app include a FAQ/blog section, chat/messaging option for consumers to directly communicate with medical professionals.

Business Pitch

A business pitch was also presented to teh class among experieced designers to give us a sense of product pitch, business model.