Pointer Creative

About Pointer Creative

Pointer Creative is an Ottawa based creative agency creating Shopify Plus experiences.

They help e-commerce brands create a distinct brand in addition to creating seamless Shopify experiences. They also aid brands in migration into the Shopify Platform, creating strategic commerce success.


As an intern at Pointer Creative, I was involved in launching their commerce cream platform, a platform for curated Shopify websites. I was involved in creating assets for their social media content and launching the platform, including instagram and twitter. I was also involved in website design and branding for the projects the team was working on.

Working with the team, on understanding and creating a strategy for the commerce cream platform was an enlightening experience. To brainstorm and learn from the team, while having the freedom to explore new ideas and concept, and contribute to ongoing projects, created for a great learning experience.

This internship also gave me the opportunity to collaborate closely with other designers and deliver concepts for the ongoing projects and explore new concepts and ideas.

Few assets that I worked on