Scrub Inspired

Rebrand of a skincare line created by women entrepreneurs based out of Ottawa,
emphasizing their brand values to cater to the consumers and elevate their experience.


The target audience was identified to be young adults, teenagers, consumers above 16+. The demographic consisted of mostly females.

Following target audience identification, research on competitors, brand perception by their consumers was the next step. Their products can be purchased through their online store, and to create a seamless brand experience was vital for the brand's success.

The rebrand was proposed bearing to bridge the gap between the brand's current and desired perception.

Problem Statement

Following client interview, it was evident that their key message was to provide fresh, natural and affordable skincare for their consumers. They were also focused on creating sustainable, clean products for their audience.

Design Solution

To create a positive, fresh, fun, all-natural branding, incorporating elements from the brand's products, ingredients used helped create a logo with a wordmark.

Following numerous iterations of the logo, the best representation of the brand's values was represented by the logo found below.

Creating a positive, fun, accessible and all-natural skincare line for their consumers was the goal of the rebrand.

Visual Identity

The top half of the logo is a leaf, which represents the natural, sustainable values of the brand. The bottom half is representative of an oil drop, in keeping with the essential oils used in all of their products.The wordmark brings a fun, playful element to the logo.

The primary and secondary colours proposed for the rebrand involves colours based on the essential oils used in their products. The yellow for lemon oil, lavender for the lavendar oil and so on.

The typography chosen for the wordmark and to be used for the marketing collateral involves dosis and ubuntu to create a fun, playful element to the wordmark and accentuate the brand's fun, positive perception.

Branding Collateral

Branding and digital marketing collateral for the brand was created to enhance sales and help grow the brand. As the target audience was predominantly females (#bossbabes), creating a refreshing branding was essential to the product's success.

Creating bright and bold stationery including business cards for pop-up events will definitely help create a seamless branding experience. The packaging also reflects the branding and digital design (responsive website) creates a wholisitic rebrand..


Creating custom products for pop-up events, tie-ups with local stores that promote sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle will help create a unique brand experience.